The science behind Gold Collagen®

The science behind Gold Collagen®

How does Gold Collagen® work?

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The benefits for your skin

Research and innovation

At MINERVA Research Labs, we are committed to delivering innovative products that truly improve the health and beauty of the skin.

Our GOLD COLLAGEN® products are specially formulated and clinically tested to ensure the highest efficacy and performance. We collaborate with renowned universities, dermatologists, aesthetic medicine and skin specialists in the development of our products. We choose only the highest quality ingredients scientifically proven to work.

The beneficial effects of our products are well documented and several of our clinical studies are published in respected peer-reviewed scientific journals. In total, we have conducted 8 clinical trials on 692 subjects taking GOLD COLLAGEN® products daily. To find out more visit

Our clinical study on PURE GOLD COLLAGEN® has shown that, with daily and consecutive use, PURE GOLD COLLAGEN® is proven to:

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More on how our products work

Hydrolysed collagen

GOLD COLLAGEN® products are formulated with the highest quality hydrolysed collagen, made up of small peptides containing short chains of amino acids which are easily absorbed and distributed by the bloodstream throughout the whole body and skin. Hydrolysed collagen helps the body to form new collagen structures. It provides the amino acid building blocks and also stimulates the production of new collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid molecules.

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Collagen drinks vs. topical creams or tablets

Many topical products such as creams, lotions and serums containing collagen are unable to reach the dermis to increase collagen levels. This is because the active ingredients have a large molecular size and cannot penetrate the skin’s surface (epidermis) which acts as a protective barrier.

Oral intakes of skincare products with collagen peptides are therefore more effective as they do not need to penetrate the epidermis.

These products are ingested and absorbed by the body where the active ingredients can be distributed to the dermis via blood vessels. Unlike traditional skin creams that work on the surface only, GOLD COLLAGEN® products work from within to nourish and rejuvenate for youthful and beautiful skin.

At MINERVA Research Labs, our scientists have formulated GOLD COLLAGEN® as a liquid supplement instead of a tablet or pill format because it is easier to swallow and more readily absorbed and used by the body. The bioavailability of the active ingredients is therefore higher than a tablet or pill.

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Frequently asked questions

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