Radiate from within with GOLD COLLAGEN®

hair . skin . nails

Radiate from within with GOLD COLLAGEN®

hair . skin . nails

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Promote younger-looking skin

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Support skin hydration and elasticity

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Help support healthy-looking hair and nails

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Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

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GOLD COLLAGEN® MULTIDOSE is based on a European patented formula specifically developed to offer a unique combination of collagen and active ingredients for high absorption and bioavailability, supporting healthy skin, hair and nails.


For collagen to reach the dermis and have an effect on the fibroblast cells, it is necessary for the active ingredients to work from the inside. GOLD COLLAGEN® MUTIDOSE is an effective solution to this problem. With just 1 tablespoon a day you’ll see an improvement in skin hydration in 3 weeks, skin smoothness in 6 weeks and an improvement in the firmness of your skin in 9 weeks. The unique formulation of GOLD COLLAGEN® MULTIDOSE works from within to give you an increase in the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. The liquid form of GOLDCOLLAGEN® MULTIDOSE allows for active ingredients to be easily digested, absorbed and distributed through your body. This means you get younger-looking skin, healthy-looking hair and nails, a reduced appearance of wrinkles as well as a general feeling of well-being, thanks to the additional vitamins and minerals.


GOLD COLLAGEN® MULTIDOSE 40+ is fortified to not only support skin, hair, and nail health for all genders over 40 but to provide more antioxidant properties, bone, and immunity support.


For both men and women over 40 who want to give their anti-ageing routine a boost. Each spoonful of goodness contains 15 active ingredients including our European patented NUTRIGLOW® Complex with Vitamin D, Grape Leaf Extract, Lycopene and Co-Enzyme Q10, vitamins and minerals.

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Expect nothing but the best.

Did you know the natural hair growth cycle can be disrupted by many factors like genetics, stress, pollution, diet, hormones, or even excessive cleansing? We understand the importance of keeping our hair looking full, thick, and healthy and believe that a supportive program of nutrients is key to maintaining healthy hair which is why we worked so hard in the development of Hairlift.


1 or 2 spoonful’s a day, taken on its own or mixed with water or your favourite smoothie is all it takes to support your scalp absorb all the nutrients needed to grow strong, healthy, and shiny hair.

Enjoy this powerful formula with hydrolysed keratin, hydrolysed collagen, rocket extract and biotin for a powerful hair strengthening formulation.


GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN is packed with a total of 28 active nutrients, 100% vegan and specifically formulated to provide support for those on a vegan and vegetarian diet, while helping nourish your skin, hair and nails from within.


Plant-based answer to collagen that acts from within! Collagen is a protein found naturally in the skin, preserving its firmness and elasticity. Collagen formation occurs naturally throughout our lives. However, with time collagen production gradually decreases, which can cause visible signs of aging. Contrary to collagen supplements (derived from animal proteins), GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN offers a plant-based protein supplement carefully formulated for skin, hair and nails.

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Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

GOLD COLLAGEN® DEFENCE is a new beauty supplement in tablet form that contains a unique blend of 17 active ingredients specifically formulated to enhance the skin’s ability to fight free radicals. This helps prevent collagen depletion and supports the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails.

GOLD COLLAGEN® DEFENCE tablets contribute to enhancing your skin’s natural defences, supporting collagen protection from within.

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